Brain-hacking smart jewellery – Digital Health Tech Review

That wearable tracker you’re so attached to? We know it tracks your steps, workouts, sleep, tracks your messages and kisses you goodnight, but it can’t make up for the fact that it’s just not very pretty.

And because it doubles as a watch you have to relinquish your hot Marc Jacobs watch to wear it.

Indeed, companies like Garmin with their Forerunner 235, like several other wearable tech out there, now monitor the body’s stress responses by tracking breathing rate, skin temperature and heart rate variability to arise uses when these markers show their stress levels are rising.

But smart jewellery tech – that’s gorgeous jewellery that doubles as tracking devices – is set to change that.

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We’re now seeing beautiful pieces of jewellery that are stylish in themselves, but also function as stress tracking devices.

Our favourite is the divine Bellabeat Leaf, one of the first wearable pieces of smart jewellery aimed specifically at women which now tracks sleep, stress, steps, calorie burn and your menstrual cycle.

smart jewellery tech – that’s gorgeous jewellery that doubles as tracking devices

Bellabeat’s properly beautiful new Chakra design (founder Urska Srsen is an art and design graduate) now contains cool new healing crystals (because you know, crystal therapy is going to be big news for next year too…).

Then there’s the super-new Oura Ring (it’s so pretty and it’s unisex) that launched at September’s Somnex Sleep Show which calls itself ‘the world’s most advanced wearable’ – Prince Harry is already a fan.

Oura’s technology is insane as it claims to use 51 tracking measurements including body temperature and breathing rate to measure not only your activity and sleep scores but also – get this – your ‘readiness’ index.

That basically means the ring uses markers such as sleep quality, recovery levels, balance between sleep and rest and resting heart rate to measure your readiness to face life. Three words. Oh. My God.

And in case you’re not excited yet – though it’s not exactly jewellery we have to tell you about it – next year Bellabeat launches the world’s first water bottle that tracks your hydration levels.

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