“Digital Fax” for healthcare workers ahead of fax phase out

A medical messaging platform has launched a digital fax assistant app designed for healthcare professionals.

Silio has launched the application following an announcement from health secretary Matt Hancock

that the NHS will ban the use and purchase of fax machines, with the company preparing for the phase out in March 2020, with the app acting as a replacement.

The app allows medical professionals to connect their existing fax machine to the digital fax assistant,

maintaining a sense of familiarity when sending and receiving messages.

Joost Bruggeman, CEO of Silio, said: “It’s easy to jump on the critical bandwagon,

but before we ‘axe the fax’, let’s just think about it for a minute.

“The fax machine is still widely used in the NHS, because it meets a very specific communication need, which is not easily replaced by email.

Fax communication is usually not between two individual professionals, but between two organisations without the need for a ‘personal’ connection

between the people sending and picking up that fax.

The information just needs to get across and the sender needs a confirmation upon receipt.

Today, lives still depend on fax communication.

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“As a med-tech company, we feel it is not very empathetic to simply ban critical communication tools from healthcare professionals that are already under tremendous pressure.

It would be better to wean from a fax machine and not completely break critical communication flows.”

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